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JellyStones® - Coral Fantasy

JellyStones® - Coral Fantasy

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JellyStones rhinestones are ideal for Bearblanks® acrylic tumblers. These rhinestones are made of high quality acrylic plastic to have a high clarity and reflectivity. The color is permanent and stays the same over time.

4MM Size

Small:= 6,000pcs

Medium:= 10,000pcs

Large:=. 18,700pcs


5MM Size

Small:= 4,000pcs

Medium:= 6,500pcs

Large:=. 12,000pcs


These rhinestones are not hot fix rhinestones. A suitable glue is needed to stick these rhinestones to a surface. These rhinestones does not work with rhinestone setting/applicator tool as these are NOT hot fix rhinestones.

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