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BearBlanks® 12 oz Straight Sippy Cup

BearBlanks® 12 oz Straight Sippy Cup

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BearBlanks® 12 oz Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

Rust-free and robust, High-quality glass cup without bisphenol A; traditional narrow cup; rustproof; simple to use; slim body; simple to grasp and place cup holder; simple to clean; secure and dependable. Insulated cup with a circular mouth that is comfortable to sip. extremely effective insulation Excellent insulation performance, stainless steel dual-layer vacuum insulation. 10 ounce vacuum-insulated stainless steel double-layer bottle that can keep cold drinks cold for 12 hours and hot water hot for 12. This unique glass serves as a baby friend. Widespread Use, Lightweight and strong, it is simple to transport anywhere—on vacation or in the car—and is appropriate for use at home, at the beach or a lake, in the office, at parties, when traveling by RV or cabin, or while hiking, camping, or having a picnic.

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